Website Questionnaire

Do You have a URL in mind for your website?
Do you need us to handle hosting?
Do you need us to buy your domain?
What's your deadline for this project?
What is the budget for your website project?
I WANT THIS WEBSITE BECAUSE (pick as many as you need):
My site will be built to target:
I'd like to target clients who are between the ages of:
My clients come to me because:
When searching the web for your business, what words or phrases will a customer search for in Google?
Our new website will need to include:
We want the following special features to be included in our new website:
Who will provide the following resources?
Stock Photography
Company Photography
Other Artwork/Illustrations
Copywriting Text
Professional Logo
Graphic Design
Other Print Collateral
Google Analytics
Could you give us the websites of your top 3 competitors?
If you had to pick 3 websites you would love to have, which would they be?
Would you like us to update your site?
If Yes, how often do you require updates.