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Be Remembered

With the overwhelming volume of leads that often come through online channels, most small businesses do a terrible job with their digital follow-up. Once a customer stops responding, they consider the lead lost. The core of our Be Remembered strategy is to make sure your business stays in front of potential customers with a frequency that keeps you top-of-mind, even if they haven’t purchased from you yet. Remarketing and automated campaigns allow us to qualify new leads, get back in front of old ones with current offers, and even up-sell, or cross-sell, to existing clients who have shown long-term interest in particular offerings.

Email Marketing Automation

The cost-effective combination of an email marketing platform and the robust sales functions of a CRM. Marketing automation offers businesses a chance to go after their new or existing contacts like never before. We help develop the creative flows, then execute a strategy going after your top prospects. You just close the leads.

Site / Search Remarketing

Once a user visits your website, stay in front of them on other popular websites through Google’s vast network of ad publishers. This is a simple but cost-effective way to be online every time your potential customers are and follow them with ads regardless of where they land.

Social Media Remarketing

Create custom and lookalike audiences for social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. These target the same visitors to your website on their social platforms after they leave or close a session. Integrating tracking on specific pages of your website allows you to target users with more focused ads that are specific to their interests.

Marketing Strategy Consulting

Every business is unique, and that’s why we offer custom solutions to businesses depending on a combination of their budget, capabilities, customers, and objectives. You can trust us to come up with the most effective strategy for your business.

Strategy Insights:

Why Is Follow-Up So Important?

Effectively staying in front of your potential, current, and past customers with relevant messages is no easy task, especially for small businesses with limited means. But it is incredibly important to make sure clients are not falling out of contact with you after visiting your website, making a purchase, or requesting more information! We believe strongly in the power of email marketing automation to professionally follow-up and help our clients qualify leads and close more deals. But in case you don’t believe us – here are some eye-opening statistics to convince you:

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